Creating a Channel

The first step to delivering a mobile offer is to create a channel. A channel is defined by the place where a customer initially sees, receives, or interacts with one or more offers. Koupon Media supports five types of channels — web, mobile app, SMS, email, and social. You can learn more about channels here.

While offers can initially be distributed on a variety of marketing channels, a customer ultimately views and redeems an offer on a mobile app or in a mobile web browser. For this reason, our platform helps marketers and developers create two types of channels — web and app.

A channel can be created in Koupon Manager by navigating to the Channels page and then selecting Create Channel.

Interested in learning about delivering offers via SMS, email, or Facebook? Our team can help with including mobile offers using existing marketing channels. To learn more, get in touch.

Creating a Web Channel

To create a new Web Channel, follow these steps:

1. Select Create Channel on the Channels page and then select the Channel Type. Koupon currently supports three core channel types:

  • Offer Viewer Classic — the fastest and easiest way to deliver offers to customers in the web. Offer Viewer classic creates a mobile responsive, user experience optimized experience for all Koupon-supported offer types.
  • Offer Viewer Scratcher — any combination of letters or numbers that developers will use to identify the channel if and when they are using Koupon APIs or the SDK. We recommend keeping the channel ID short and remember. Also remember that no spaces are allowed.
  • Go Custom —  if you’d prefer a more unique look, select custom. We’ll provide the code you need to display offers in your custom app or web experience, but it will require development. To learn more about integrating with Koupon’s platform, read our API documentation.

New Channel


2. Once you’ve selected your Channel Type, you’ll need to provide some basic information about the channel.

  • Channel Name — how your channel will be named in Koupon Manager.
  • Channel Code — any combination of letters or numbers that developers will use to identify the channel if and when they are using Koupon APIs or the SDK. We recommend keeping the channel ID short and remember. Also remember that no spaces are allowed.
  • Channel Description —  an optional field for accounts that have a large amount of channels that require clarification to future users. 
  • Distribution Method — Koupon Manager provides two  options: App and Web. Selecting App will render any Offer Viewer properly for embedding in a web view in a mobile app.

Create Channel

3. If you’re creating an Offer Viewer channel, it’s time to configure the styling and experience. If you’re creating  a custom Channel, skip this step.

  • Primary Image — the brand logo is the image shown at the top of the Offer Viewer’s desktop and mobile pages. It is commonly the logo of the retailer or brand that’s accepting the offer. The images dimensions are 270px by 80px and we recommend a resolution of 320 dpi. If a logo isn’t uploaded, the Offer Viewer will automatically remove the space reserved for the image and nothing will be shown. In many situations, a retailer that’s embedding Offer Viewer into an existing web site or mobile app might not upload a logo and instead allow the hosting page to generate the logo or brand imagery.
  • Brand Color — this allows clients to customize some of the accent colors in the Offer Viewer experience to best match the brand’s personality and standards. Specifically, the Brand Color will affect all action buttons (e.g., Redeem Offers, Tap to Redeem) and the Done button at the end of the experience. Because the text on these buttons is white, we recommend a darker color. If no color is selected, the Brand Color will default to a dark gray.
  • SMS Configuration — if you’re delivering offers through SMS, this is where you pick your provider. Koupon currently supports more than 15 SMS services. If you’re asking for a phone number, we also allow you to add opt-in language that can or cannot be required to access the offers.
  • Desktop Redemption Options — this setting applies specifically to the desktop view of Offer Viewer. Koupon currently offers two options — text and print. Text allows customer to text themselves the offers, whereas Print allows the customer to print the offer immediately. At least one of these options must be selected.
  • Terms and Conditions — this allows you to add your own terms and conditions that will be displayed on the channel pages throughout the experience. It’s an HTML enabled field so feel free to include links, imagery or text formatting as needed.
  • Error Messaging — there are a few reasons why a specific offer might not be available for a user — the user has already redeemed it, the redemption cap has been hit or the offer has expired. When an offer is no longer available for a user, Koupon Media displays a default error message. You can override this message by adding content here. Otherwise, we’ll just show our message.
  • Phone Number Capture — using a customer’s phone number marketers can provide the option to protect the unique redemption of offers or provide customers with the ability to save offers for later. Of course, marketers also have the option of not asking for phone number at all. You’ll configure that here.

4. After steps 1 – 3 are complete, you’re done! Koupon has all of the information it needs and you will now be given instructions for either accessing Offer Viewer or keys and channel IDs for using in development.

If you’re creating a Scratcher Channel, the creation process will look a bit different. To learn more about creating Offer Viewer Scratcher Channels, get in touch.

Updating an Existing Channel

Existing channels can be updated at any time by selecting a particular Channel from the Channels page. Any field used in the Create Channel process can be edited.

Be careful! Making changes to Channels that are live could have an impact on how users view and redeem offers, and could result in a Channel or Offer not working. Please be cautious when making changes to active Channels.